Sunday, March 29, 2020

Giudici! Ad Anna!

This is not exactly a review, but more a report on an opera performance I heard streaming online yesterday through the wonder of  This comes from Latvia.

Sestdienas vakars Opera (Starts at 1808/2:08PM): G. Doniceti opera "Anna Bolena"
Opera Rayal de Wallonie Lježā, 2019
Olga Peretjatko (soprāns),
Sofija Solovija (mecosoprāns),
Čelso Albelo (Celso Albelo, tenors),
Marko Mimika (Marko Mimica, basabritons),
Frančeska Askjoti (Francesca Ascioti, kontralts),
Opera Rayal de Wallonie koris,
orķestris un diriģents Džampaolo Bizanti (Giampaolo Bisanti)

Of course I don't know any of the singers, but boy howdy, did I hear some beautiful and passionate singing!  I'd gladly pay to hear these singers again.  Who'd like to sponsor a trip for me to Latvia?

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