Thursday, July 5, 2018

Credit where credit is due: A quick profile of Renata Scotto

You know me. You know I love great ladies of the stage, and I love to write about them. That is why it pains me to realize I have never given an artist of such universal acclaim as Renata Scotto very many words in this blog. I'd hang my head in shame if it were possible to do that and type at the same time.  Her list of accomplishments is very long indeed, including performances on stage, audio and video recordings, and work as a stage director and as a coach. I've met quite a few singers who are currently very active performing who state that Ms. Scotto is a wonderful and knowledgeable coach in Italian operatic repertore, and a very great lady indeed.

Rather than go on and on about her accomplishments, I'll treat you to some delicious performance clips:

One of my very favorites--from Elisir, 1967

As Lucia, also 1967

A terrific interview

I could go on and on.  The internet is rife with clips that show Ms. Scotto's artistry and humor.  I hope you'll avail yourselves of them!

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