Saturday, January 17, 2015

Great Singer: Mady Mesplé

I last wrote about the amazing Mady Mesplé in 2009. I shared at that time my delight as a teenager in finding an LP of the lovely lady singing French coloratura arias. This was my introduction to the Bell Song from Lakmé, and to Olympia's and Ophelia's and Philine's arias, for starters. Wikipedia concludes its bio-blurb:
The archetype of the light French coloratura soprano, Mady Mesplé was noted for her technical security, her musical refinement and her charming stage presence. Her voice was particularly recognisable for its quick vibrato, intensely focused intonation, the instrumental-like quality of her runs and an amazing upper register extending easily to high A-flat.
We are delighted to learn Mme Meplé is still with us at 83 (using Wikipedia's birth date), teaching and adjudicating.

Here is dear Coloraturafan's (how can you not love him?) tribute:

Mme Meplé's Italian repertoire included Gilda, Rosina, Norina, Amina, and quite surprising, taking over a run of Lucias from La Stupenda herself in 1960!  (This was a 1963 studio recording.)

The inspiration for my 2009 post about Mme Mesplé--this video of Zerbinetta from Salzburg, 1966:

Notice how she makes everything look and sound easy, like breathing to her.  I wish we had more of that today.

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