Friday, August 9, 2013

RIP Regina Resnik

As you've no doubt heard, dear Regina Resnik has left this world, where she blessed us for so many years with her singing and wisdom, for the next. Many others can eulogize her better than I can, and here are just a few links:

The Metropolitan Opera
More to come......

And of course the pics and videos:

As Carmen

Unattributed early publicity shot

Here she is in an early triumph as a soprano, Leonora in Ernani:

Long known as one of the definitive Carmens of the day, here she sings an excerpt from the musical Carmen Jones:

This Ballo in Maschera excerpt credits no one and gives no date, but ain't she glorious?:

Dear Lord! I had no idea this was available! The Febraury 1, 1958, radio broadcast of Vanessa in its entirety, shortly after its January 15 world premiere!

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