Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Diva on Detour, part deux

Readers will recall when I wrote in glowing terms of Patricia Racette's cabaret CD, Diva on Detour. On Sunday, January 27, I was privileged to hear her perform the same songs live at Manhattan's trendy 54 Below. Pat (you'll recall she and I are on first-names basis now) recorded the CD last spring, and Sunday's performance was a bit of a kick-off--although happily the CD has been available online for a while, I believe this was nonetheless considered a CD release party.  I can only say the show far exceeded my expectations.

Seeing this concert live was stunning. Being part of the experience as performer and audience jointly create a beautiful event with energy and intent and talent is magic. Seeing Pat's face as she is singing a song of gut-wrenching pain is simply not the same as hearing it on the CD. Seeing and hearing amazing music director/pianist/arranger Craig Terry play the songs and follow Pat's every breath was again magic. It was better than the CD. In fact, it was better than Cats. (I made that last part up.  I've never seen Cats.)

I wrote in my first post (link above) about Pat's vocal stylings, her seamless blend of registers, her informed and wise choices in interpretation. All of that is still true. Even more true, in fact. There were only one or two choices I wasn't quite sure of on the CD, but in the live performance they made sense.

What of the songs themselves? I loved them all! (You can see the track list at the Diva on Detour link above.) I wrote before of the Edith Piaf set, which again I adored, and of Pat's "shower song", Here's That Rainy Day. I loved I'm Calm, by Mr. Sondheim, and also Pat's encore, Not a Day Goes By, also by Mr. Sondheim. In singling out a few, I don't want to imply that there were any songs that I didn't like, because indeed I have no complaints at all. Well, only that we didn't get to hear the entire program again. And again!  That's why I'm grateful I have the CD!

Patricia Racette can be seen and heard performing the same show at 54 Below March 26-30. I'd heartily recommend going!

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