Saturday, November 17, 2012

Another Zeani post!

Great news!  Here are some clips of one of my soprano idols, the amazing Virginia Zeani, in performance!  According to the YouTube poster:
There are very few live videos of the incomparable Virginia Zeani - and even fewer of her in a staged opera. These three clips represent all we have of her - but happily they cover three of her greatest roles over the course of 15 years. All three are from her native Romania and were broadcast on TV, which means there is hope that the complete performances will at some point surface. 
What is included here is:

La Traviata (1965) - her signature role - "Sempre Libera" and a snippet of the Act 4 duet beginning with one of the most heart-wrenching readings of "Prendi, quest'è l'immagine"

Aida (1970) - a brief section of the Aida/Amneris boudoir scene with Elena Cernei

Tosca (1980) - part of the Act 1 duet with Mario (Octavian Naghiu), the last part of the "Vissi d'arte", and the death of Scarpia (Nicolae Herlea)

Fingers crossed there will be more to come...

Here is the clip, including La Traviata (1965), Aida (1970), and Tosca (1980):

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Unknown said...

Great, great, great soprano! One of the greatest operatic singers in the world!