Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another great singer: Edita Gruberova

In chatting with another operaphile last evening, I shared how as a young singer I only cared about voice, voice, voice.  When I was a student, I didn't quite understand the fame of some singers whose voices were showing their age but whose artistry was in full bloom.  At the time anything I was taught beyond singing--and, frankly, I wasn't taught that very well--and musicianship went right over my blow-dried head.  (It was the 80s.)  As an old man, that is on my list of regrets.  It's a long list.

I wrote two years ago about today's singer, Edita Gruberova, that hearing her current recordings made me want to poke my eyes out, but when I saw her on stage it was magic.  Whilst staying up all night watching opera videos, I came upon this documentary about the lovely Miss Gruberova, which I repost for you here in its entirety.

You may thank me at your leisure.

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