Saturday, June 23, 2012

I've missed you too! Also, another great singer--Roberta Peters

I must thank you, my adoring public, for the overwhelming correspondence* asking why I haven't published a post in some time.  In truth, I've been somewhat busy.  Your faithful reporter's need for a non-operatic job has taken him across the country for a very good new work assignment.  Fear not, however--it's a long-term temp job, and the move is only for a year or so.  During that time I will have the opportunity to report on operatic goings-on in various parts of Texas.  Dallas and Fort Worth both have opera companies.  (And both have just ended their seasons.)  Universities within a reasonable drive have nationally recognized voice and opera programs, and Houston is only a few hours away.  And of course there are high-def movie theater showings.  There is no shortage of material to write about, assuming your reporter's work schedule and budget allow him to attend as many performances as he wishes.

Back to the original mission of this blog, which was highlighting mid-20th century singers who should not be forgotten.  I have somehow neglected Roberta Peters all this time, so we must rectify that situation right now!

Here is an appearance on a 1955 (unnamed) TV variety show with excerpts from Olympia:

Another 1955 TV show appearance, singing Care nome:

Here is a 1962 TV show appearance with frequent stage and concert partner (and husband, briefly) Robert Merrill, totally excellent in spite of the fact he's a baritone, in a scene from Barbiere:

Quite remarkably, here she is in 1989 singing Adina opposite Carlo Begonzi as Nemorino in L'Elisir d'Amore:

*This is irony--saying one thing and meaning another

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Anonymous said...

The 1989 duet is indeed remarkable. Two great voices in excellent condition 30 years plus past the "prime" period. A demonstration of what good training, proper discipline, and appropriate repertoire choices can yield. And talk about reliability!
George Brown