Saturday, October 29, 2011

Non-Golden Age Singer of the Week: Gregory Kunde

I've mentioned Gregory Kunde before as a fine singer of bel canto.  Click this link to find two posts--one in which I compare "Ah mes amis!" videos, and another in which I compare "Asile heroditaire" (Guillaume Tell) videos.  Here is another example of fine bel canto singing, from a Canadian TV broadcast in 1987 (I Puritani, with Luciana Serra as Elvira):

But here is a fine example of how Mr. Kunde has grown and evolved as a singer as he has grown well into middle age (he is now 57).  This is from this year--I Vespri Siciliani.  Venue is not given, but apparently it's in Turin, because I can find DVDs of this performance available online.

Pollione in Norma, Warsaw, 2010.  Sadly, it's audio only, with sketches from another Norma production.

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