Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Only Murder One Queen Per Day

My review of Giasone at Opera Omnia for Opera Pulse.

On Saturday, Sept. 3, I had the pleasure of seeing what Opera Omnia (operaomnia.org – two performances remain, on Sept. 6 and 7) can do with Mr. Cavalli’s popular 1649 masterpiece Giasone at Le Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village. This is Opera Omnia’s second outing, the first being The Coronation of Poppea in 2008. The economic downturn prevented the group from producing anything else in the intervening years, which is a shame. If an opera company can specialize in early Baroque opera, beautifully sung and creatively staged, accompanied by a fine early music ensemble, and make it laugh-out-loud fun, I say more power to them!

See the full review here.

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