Saturday, September 17, 2011

Golden Age Singer of the Week--Lucia Popp

I can not imagine how it is that I have never featured Lucia Popp in this blog before. She has long been a great favorite of mine, and a singer of amazing beauty and grace throughout her short career. It makes me sad she is no longer with us. Please to be reading about her life here.

We are fortunate that YouTube abounds with examples of Lucia Popp's singing. I coujld post gazillions of videos, but these three will suffice.

As Pamina in Die Zauberfl├Âte, Vienna, 1983. Watch all the way to the end to see her utter resignation at what she thinks if Tamino's betrayal. My stud muffin Great Singer from last week, Francisco Araiza, is Tamino.  She had sung the Queen of the Night earlier in her career.

From Le nozze di Figaro, Paris, 1980, cond. Georg Solti. A beloved Susanna, she also sang the Countess later in her career.

Mr. J. Strauss's Fr├╝hlingsstimmenwaltzer, in a 1965 movie. No further information is given.

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HM0880 said...

I love Lucia too. Her timbre always sounds like a pure gold bell to me. Hmm... I'm actually not sure if a pure gold bell would ring, now that I think about it... but her voice does ring wonderfully! :D