Saturday, September 24, 2011

Golden Age Singer of the Week--Beverly Sills as Anna Bolena x 3!

Thanks to the wonder that is Coloraturafan, we have these three audio excerpts of Bubbles singing Anna Bolena in 1973, 1974, and 1975. In honor of the MET's new Anna Bolena with Nebs, which opens this week, I act as mere messenger and pass on the offerings of Coloraturafan:

I look forward to seeing the MET's production. I adore Anna Bolena, and I'm OK with Nebs. I heard the streaming audio of her role debut in Vienna last spring, and there were some perfectly glorious moments. I have heard good reports about this show, and look forward to seeing it, both live and in the movie theater.

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Anonymous said...

she gave it as much as she had,and then some, I remember many years ago when the studio recording first came out one reviewer said "all icing and no cake" which although rather harsh, is quite justified. I was only lucky enough to see her once live in performance, and sadly that was late in her career, but there was still the "Bubbles" magic much in evidence