Thursday, July 7, 2011

Golden Age Clips of the Week--Winterstürme

I'm a little late with weekly singer, but I have a doozy for you today.  The wonderful posts of my dear friend Jeff Nytch as he experienced San Francisco Opera's Ring inspired me to go digging for videos of great Wagnerians of yore.

James King, whom I've featured before (no date given):

Click below for more:

Here is Lauritz Melchior in 1935:

And in the 1948 movie Luxury Liner:

Jon Vickers in 1983 in concert:

Peter Hofmann, 1980 performance of a Bayreuth production that originated in 1976, (includes Du bist der Lenz with Jeannine Altmeyer):

Günther Treptow in 1944. I don't know him either. A sort of tentative start but he gets into it:

If your favorite Siegmund isn't one of these, please tell us about him in a comment. Post a link if you have one.

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