Friday, June 3, 2011

More From Bass Daniel Mobbs

Remember that handsome Daniel Mobbs, whom I featured not long ago? He's just contributed an article to the Caramoor blog:

Creating at Caramoor: My 12th Summer at Caramoor! 

Since this summer will be my twelfth season at Caramoor, it seems a good time to write about what has gone on before and how things are progressing this summer.

Last summer my dear friend and mentor, Will Crutchfield, asked me to join the music staff for the Bel Canto Young Artist Program at Caramoor. He trusted me with this position because, after so many years of singing with him and the amazing Orchestra of St. Luke's, I had a pretty good idea of the program style and what it was trying to present to the public. He also felt that, in addition to having great pianists on staff, getting a singer's approach would be beneficial to the young singers we are training. I humbly said yes.

Best opportunity and best decision I ever made......

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Daniel has a special message:

Dear Taminophile readers,

Not only is Caramoor presenting Guillaume Tell this summer, but we're actually opening the entire season with a gala performance of Gilbert and Sullivan's HMS Pinafore.  This show not only stars some of Caramoor's favorite singers like Georgia Jarman and Robert McPhereson, but a number of former and current members of our Young Artist Program.

Daniel as Sir Joseph in HMS Pinafore, age 16
Louisville Performing Arts High School
Vanessa Cariddi, mezzo-soprano
Tynan Davis, mezzo-soprano
Jorell Williams, baritone
Scott Bearden, baritone
Jason Plourde, baritone
Nicholas Masters, bass
Jeffrey Beruan, bass

This really is a showcase of what our YA program can produce. Vanessa was a stand out in our program last year in Maria di Rohan, and Will wanted to really showcase her return this season and asked her to star as Little Buttercup in HMS Pinafore. She'll also sing Hedwige in Guillaume Tell.

The rest are all members of our YA program this season. They are young talents who are working very hard to give NY a fresh look into the bel canto approach to this wonderful comic operetta.

I won't be in this show, but I'll be there in the audience enjoying the fruits of all their hard work!

Come join us for a magical and really fun opening night at Caramoor!

Daniel Mobbs

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Lucy said...

Aaaand he polished up the handle on the big front door! What fun! Many thanks to Mr. Mobbs for both posts.