Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another blatant attempt to increase readership

Just like in this post, I've looked at my stats to see what the most popular searches are that land people on this humble blog. Here they are:

Richard Croft booed
D'you remember my Rheingold post? I didn't realize that, although he sounded terrific in the HD broadcast in movie theaters, it was difficult to hear him in the house. That is apparently why he was booed. There is ample evidence online of just how fine a singer Richard Croft is, including the following:

Ann Hallenberg
It's gratifying to know people want to know more about Ann. This is my original profile post about her. Here she sings Mr. Vivaldi's Juditha Triumphans: "Veni, veni me sequere fida"

And here she sings, from Mr. Handel's Solomon, "Will the sun forget to streak"

This leads to this post, wherein I review a solo CD this young lady has recorded.
Here she sings the aria from La donna del lago, which is on the CD I reviewed.

Pavol Breslik gay
Of course I never suggested this, not having any such knowledge. Here he sings the Painter in Lulu.

Lucille Udovich
It's fascinating how many people wants to learn about Lucile Udovich (sometimes Udovick). They are led to this post. It seems like most of the YouTube clips are part of a worshipful offering to Franco Corelli, with whom she sang a number of operas, apparently. Here she sings "O re deli cieli" from Agnes von Hohenstaufen.

Pedro Lavirgen
I'm also surprised at the interest in this fellow. Here is my original post about him. He sings "Vesti la giubba" here.

Dich teure Halle, Dich teure Halle translation
This led to this post, wherein I post several performances of Dich teure Halle.  I got nuthin' to add here.

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