Friday, January 7, 2011

In response to my adoring reader

Yeah, just one. Y'all gotta help me find more!

Lucy asked me when I would write another post about a great opera singer from the 20th century. Once again I write about the great Virginia Zeani.

If you go to Opera Depot's web site, you can download a complilation recording of the great Ms. Zeani's hits free.

Since I last wrote about the lovely diva, she has received even more honors. On December 8, 2010, she received a lifetime achievement award from the Marcello Giordani Foundation. In May of 2010, Classical Singer named her Voice Teacher of the Year. More and more of her recordings are turning up on YouTube and other sites.

If you click on the tag you can find other articles I've posted about dear Ms. Zeani.


Lucy said...

Aw, thanks! And thanks for the link to Opera Depot - what a great resource! I hadn't heard of her award for teaching; how nice. I've always liked that James Valenti often goes out of his way to praise/thank her for her instruction and support.

Jill Hatz said...

Great post! Sharing it, baby, yeah!!!