Saturday, October 23, 2010

It Gets Better

I can't imagine anyone who reads this not having heard of Dan Savage's It Gets Better campaign. Gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender/questioning teens are far more likely than the teen population as a whole to attempt suicide. The past months have brought a horrifying number of G/L/B/T teen suicides into the news. The campaign is a gesture to gives kids hope. In my own contribution (not gonna link it) I suggested viewers watch lots of the videos to find people they can identify with and listen to their messages of hope and know that they're not alone.

Lots of the videos have made me cry--most of the videos were quite moving, but a refreshing number were cheerful and funny. After a few weeks, though, I thought I'd cried as much as I was going to over these videos. I was wrong. I can't explain why this video moves me so. Something about how human voices in song are a connection to the soul and to the infinite, and about the spirit of love that is in this performance. (I discovered this at Joe.My.God's blog. He's awesome!)

No, this is not opera, but it's Bach, so shut up. And listen. With a hankie at the ready.

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