Thursday, August 12, 2010

In a blatant attempt to increase readership

According to, the keywords and phrases that send the most readers to this blog from search engines are as follows:
  • Maria di Rohan(as it should be, since that was my latest review)
  • "Pavol Breslik is gay" (which I never suggested, cute as he is--it can only be explained by the fact that my Don Giovanni review appears on the same page as the review in which I suggested Norma needed a sassy gay friend)
  • Pedro Lavirgen (!) and
  • Emmanuel di Villarosa
Well, then.

In order to quench the thirst of my public, here we have:

The amazing Virginia Zeani, whom I've featured before, singing "Havvi un dio" from Maria di Rohan:

The amazing (and sexay!) Pavol Breslik singing Lucrezia Borgia with Edita Gruberova:

Another Breslik video, because I can. He's singing Idamante in Idomeneo:

A link to my long-ago post about Pedro Lavirgen: Click here

And several videos of Emmanual di Villarosa singing really beautifully (my obligation to share, since I kicked him while he down in the recent Norma review):



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1 comment:

Lucy said...

Oooh! I'd been saving this post for a treat when I had the time to luxuriate in all the music... and what a treat it is! I don't think commentary as balanced as yours on Norma counts as kicking a chap when he's down, but it is nice to hear more of Mr. di Villarosa. And Breslik - wow - quite a discovery. How lucky we are to get him for "Cosi" this fall!