Monday, July 19, 2010

Christina Deutekom--new post!

Yes, there's a soprano I haven't posted about yet--the simply amazing Christina Deutekom! Her range vocally extended from Queen of the Night to Turandot! (Keep in mind, in Europe they often cast dramatic coloraturas in roles Americans would give to spintos.) She is still with us, but is retired from public life.

Now let's see some videos!

Queen of the Night, 1971:

Norma, 1972:

"Tu che le vanita" from Don Carlo (studio recording, no date given):

A TV show appearnance in which she shows that opera is serious business! (It's Donna Elvira from Don Giovanni.)


Abigail said...

Serious business indeed! Thanks for the post.

zurga said...

Thank you for the postings of Christina Deutekom,she is simply amazing.