Saturday, May 29, 2010

RIP Anneliese Rothenberger

Dear Anneliese Rothenberger left us this week. She was just the sort of mid-century singer this blog is meant to highlight, it is to my shame that I must admit I haven't featured her before. [Pause while I hang my head in shame.] Here are a few videos, some of which have been featured by other bloggers in their own memorial posts. Most of my fellow bloggers have included clips of the famed, amazing Der Rosenkavalier with Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, so I will not include any of those. I urge you to look for those yourselves if you haven't seen them!

A televised Enf├╝hrung aus dem Serial in 1963. Amazing singing, poor video quality (it was 1963, people--theaters were lit by candlelight!):

A televised Arabella (or possibly a clip from her TV show, Anneliese Rothenberger stellt vor), date not given by the YouTube poster, but you can guess the period by the makeup, the hair, and the age of Hermann Prey.

This clip does come from her TV show, according to the YouTube poster. About 1978, with Jose Carreras:

I need to find out whether those TV shows are available on DVD, the same way Bell Telephone Hour and similar early TV shows from the US are.

Another charming clip from her TV show:

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