Sunday, March 28, 2010

Figaro dort! Figaro da! Figaro oben! Figaro üben!

Clips from a pioneering 1959 telecast of Barbiere di Siviglia in German from Munich with my idol Fritz Wunderlich, Herman Prey, also no slouch, and Erika Köth.

I had these clips before, but they were taken down from YouTube. I hope the same fate doesn't fall to them again!

Here's a question, faithful readers. All three of you. I have the DVD of the entire performance. The singers take bows after every aria, which I think is charming. This is a stage amusement, after all! What do you think?

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Lucy said...

These clips are charming! Do you know where this DVD can be purchased? As for the bows... I'd state a general preference for as little interruption of the dramatic flow as possible, but honestly, I would HAPPILY applaud Wunderlich after every aria. And I agree, "Barbiere" does seem as though it could be aptly characterized as a Rossini joke that everyone including the characters is in on, so why not?