Sunday, February 21, 2010

A surfeit of Tonios

Last Friday (2/19/10) I went to the Met to see the incomparable Juan-Diego Florez in La Fille du Regiment. Although it was announced he was singing with a cold, one certainly couldn't tell it. OK, he omitted one of the 9 high Cs, but the other 8 were as amazing as always.

In celebration, I will refrain from inundating with the many JDF videos online, but will share some other terrific Tonios (Tonii?) one can hear. [Edit: There are lots of videos of "Ah mes amis!", but not that many I'd care to inflict on my dear readers!]

Gregory Kunde, one of my faves! Not sure whether I've featured him in this humble blog before, but I certainly should

Deon van der Walt, a popular Mozart tenor of the 80s and 90s, in what looks like a very similar production, if not the same:

A very different interpretation from 1972--Charles Burles:

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Anonymous said...

I thought the opera last Friday night was a blast! I've been telling people at work all about it today. The execution (from whimsical set design to tastefully comedic over-acting) was brilliant and is great for any novice opera listener to watch. I must admit, though, to fast forwarding to the last minute of these performances!