Saturday, February 27, 2010

An Anna Bolena fest!

We're looking at Percy today. Note how they seem to make different interpretive decisions.

First Francisco Araiza, one of my long-time favorites!

Taylor Stayton, a tenor I don't know, but I daresay I'll hear of again! From the comments, it appears this production was at AVA. (That's a D at the end!)

Francesco Meli, costumed, apparently, as Donizetti himself at Verona. I have this production on DVD--visually it's stunning, and the singing is stellar.

Jerry Hadley in concert in the 80s, I think. A more gentle, lyrical approach. Conducted by Richard Bonynge.

Finally, a very young Domingo in 1966, singing the other aria. Sorry there's no video with this:

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