Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lucille Udovich--New post!

American-born soprano Lucille Udovich, who had more of a career in Europe than in the US. Here is here Wikipedia bio-blurb.

First up, she's singing "In questa reggia" (this looks like it might have been an RAI TV production of Turandot):

Yep, that's Franco Corelli at the end. Here are the two of them singing the Riddle Scene:

This is a thrilling performance of "D'Oresta d'Ajace" from Idomeneo:

Coming soon: Battle of the Elettras!


Lucy said...

I just found your blog through Opera Chic... delighted to find another aficionado of classic performances. Yes, this is an RAI TV production and it is even available on DVD! I'm not sure how I feel about the super-stylized production, which seems to me more reminiscent of Noh theatre than anything else. This was the only performance of Udovich's I was familiar with, so thanks for the leads.

Taminophile said...

Hi Lucy! I'm glad you found me! Always happy to find people to talk opera with. Please spread the word!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your work in making the lives and careers of great singers known to the public.
I had the good fortune to study with Lucille/a in 1973/74. As a young baritone, she was the best thing that ever happened to me. Her technique was flawless and she knew how to impart technique to this young singer.
As you may know, Lucille/a sang this role 104 times. She was the last protege of Gigli and she sang in concert with him for several years.
In this performance, she is criticized for singing while seated. Lucille/a suffered from spinal problems that truncated her career. However, the voice was not affected. Her recordings are a voice lesson for those smart enough to appreciate them.

Taminophile said...

Thanks for your comment, Mr. Anonymous! It's always a pleasure to hear from people who knew, sang with, studied with these great mid-20th century artists. I'd welcome more stories, if you'd like to share.

Constantine said...

Wikipedia is referring to as Lucilla Udovich. Please see also above the third video. Well, it's not so important. I appreciate your work, which I found through Google, looking up for Lucille/a Udovic.

PS: I also thank Anonymous March 14, 2010 6:00 PM for the interesting information he is providing us with.