Saturday, November 21, 2009

Virginia Zeani--new post!

Here is my first post about the beautiful Virginia Zeani. It is still one of the chief regrets of my life that I didn't study with this lady when given the opportunity.

This is a lovely clip from I Puritani, my new favorite opera:

This clip, much later in her career, is from Aida:


CharlotteinWeimar said...

The Great Virginia Zeani project is underway and I am delighted you are spreading the news of this wonderful singer. There are now over fifty postings on my YouTube Channel mostly made from her private collection of live off-air recordings. Bravo Taminophile and Brava Mme. Zeani!


Taminophile said...

Lovely Charlotte, I can't thank you enough for making so many of these clips available!

Anonymous said...

FYI, there are additional postings of Zeani on YouTube from Zeanifan.

Also, see Operamagnifico's posting of Zeani's excerpts from the Merry Widow filmed for RAI-TV; Zeani was 38 at that time, and she was dazzling! Still is!!!