Thursday, November 12, 2009

Elinor Ross--new post!

I had never heard of this lady before this week, but I am amazed! I wish I had heard her live! Elinor Ross sang at all the big houses, with lots of big stars. She was buds with Callas. She retired from the stage in 1979, but she's still alive and kicking!

Here is the Wikipedia bio-blurb, but frankly, the Opera News article linked above is more informative.

OK, here's another video from the same 1967 Norma:

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Anonymous said...

I heard her Metropolitan debut --- a June Festival TURANDOT with Corelli and the late, lamented Pilar Lorengar. Later heard her in many roles: BALLO, AIDA, CAVALLERIA, TOSCA and others which escape my mind at the moment. There used to be an organization called "The Handel Society of New York" and I heard Ross as ATHALIA (1972 I believe), under their auspices. I'm sure their performances would be written off today as "historically incorrect", but in an era when Handel was basically not done they provided access. Ross was inconsistent from night to night but would be very big star today. She could comfortably (the key word) sing much of the spinto & drammatico repertoire. A large voice. Kind regards, Paul