Sunday, October 18, 2009

Grace Bumbry--First posted June 15, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Grace Bumbry as Aida and Grace Bumbry as Amneris. At the same time.

At first I thought this was some modern wizardry, splicing together two performances from the same production (more than once she sang two roles in the same production run--at least once on the same night!), but no! According to the poster on YouTube, this is from a BBC documentary from 1973! in which they highlighted Ms. Bumbry's versatility and the fact that she was singing both mezzo and soprano roles and doing wonderfully. Imagine how difficult that was in 1973!

OK, here is Wikipedia bio-blurb, and here (lip-synching to her own recording in a movie), here (another 1973 TV show), and here (2003 at age 66) are more examples of the wonderful artistry of this woman, who, remarkably is still performing concerts and teaching.

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